Open every day during NATC, the Taiko Marketplace features vendors selling a wide variety of taiko drums, sticks, cases, costumes, supplies, and taiko-themed gifts.  NATC brings together over 600 enthusiasts in one place, and many taiko groups save up and do their big purchases at the conference. Our new NATC schedule is designed to give participants one free block of time in their schedule, so we anticipate the Taiko Marketplace having a constant flow of visitors throughout the day.
The marketplace for NATC17 is located in the East Ballroom of the Price Center at UCSD.


Single: 10’x10′, 2 vendor passes – SOLD OUT
Double: 20’x10′, 3 vendor passes – SOLD OUT
Quad : 20’x20′, 4 vendor passes –  SOLD OUT

Vendors may request 2’x6′ tables for their booths, which they may arrange as they see fit. Also, additional vendor-only passes are available for purchase at $25 each.

*This registration link can be used for vendors purchasing booths or for staff purchasing additional vendor passes.